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The Golden Key In Your Hand

The Golden Key In Your Hand

As I was sitting in my favorite Cafe, I watched a senior couple walk across the parking lot, hand in hand.  He happily held the door open for her and as she walked through her eyes meeting his… she smiled.  Her smile at that moment filled the whole Cafe with a light i could not resist to notice.   Nothing else around seem to matter as they walked to the corner booth, still hand in hand.   The two waited to greet their waitress, un-aware of the missing gap between them as they sat patiently.

While reflecting upon the month of February, a celebration of Healthy Hearts & Valentines.  I couldn’t help but be reminded of the loving couple. I realized just then, the oppurtunity I had been given to witnessed the true meaning  of this months theme.  So I had to ask these two love birds,  if they were aware of the “Golden Key In Their Hands”

As a healthcare educator I could and would share with you all the right guidelines recommended for a healthy heart such as

  • Recommended Weight
  • Active Lifestyle
  • Avoiding foods high in fat & sugar

We’ve all heard these recommendation before, in some form or another.  But ultimately the gift of  healing &  restoration of  our bodies, minds and souls is …… LOVE

I’m reminded of  “He restores my soul” in Psalms 23:3.  These four words are the Golden Key we all carry in our hands. I urge you today to reach out and un-lock someone heart today.