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Protect your Heart: Unemployment and Stress

Protect your Heart: Unemployment and Stress

Stress is a real deal. In isolation we are experiencing effects on our self-esteem, self-worth, daily routine, sense of control, and lack of purposeful activity, which leads into poor health management. Last month 7.1 million Americans lost their jobs and we saw 10 million initial unemployment claims reported by Fortune magazine. This is a tangible lack of financial security we cannot ignore.

So how can we bring these two together to improve this seemingly unending rhythm?

We need to look back to our training before COVID-19..

Most of you have been in different job professions since your late teens, early 20’s. It has been a good minute to even think of not having a job or having to seek out a new one. In order to protect stress levels that can affect our health, it’s time re-examine how we got started in the first place.

1. Accept and be Willing..

-Your new role as a Jobseeker: Maintaining optimism and a positive frame of mind is key. This is also the key to protecting your heart and health- (Read here for more.)

2. What are your strengths?

      -These are common questions employers may ask but answering these questions will reveal to you your past successes and help you develop achievable short-term goals.    -This will also help cut the negative mindset.    – “Is your glass half-empty or half-full?                    (Click here for more information to the Health Benefits to Positive thinking)

3. Create a Plan of Action.

       -What are going to be the actions you take to keep a productive routine Whether its eating healthier or exercising, make sure you turn off all distractions, yes that means leave your T.V., and for a set time focus on connecting with employers and seeking job opportunities.Before bed, make a list of small goals you want to do for the following day.

4. Focus.
     -Make a list of what can you control and what cannot you control. You’d be surprised by how much more relaxed you’ll be walking this step out!

5. Re-work your budget

      –Studies show 62% of stress comes from financial worries, its time to reassess, and evaluate immediate concerns.   In a Medical News Today Article, they stated, “People who reported significant financial stress were 13 times more likely to have a heart attack   than those who had minimal or no stress.”

6. Extrovert your routine!

    -Put in your schedule ways to sustain your emotional and physical health. Do activities with others (in guidance with COVID-19 of course)    Volunteer some time to sharpen your skills, you could also develop marketable skills is this process.     Look at networking with individuals could grow your visibility in the Job scene.    Also do not forget to communicate your feelings in a constructive way to a friend or confidant. This helps keep your mind focused.

Today we looked at real fears, and obstacles, and understand it is an everyday battle. There are community health centers and non-profit mental health agencies that can provide free and/or low-cost counseling if you feel for the added support we sometimes need.

You will never regret maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It is Essential for both you and your family.