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Nursing…Top stories surrounding COVID-19

Nursing…Top stories surrounding COVID-19

Nurses who have died from COVID-19 call to action

On NBC News, National Nurses Association held a demonstration at the white

house to honor the nurses who died of COVID-19…”

          -Because we can ignore the seriousness of what our people on the front lines go through…

ABC news, reports from our nurses mouths what they are experiencing on the front lines….

“We have to wear these masks for 12 hours,” Allen explains. “After a shift, your throat is dry, and you think, ‘Oh gosh, is this a sore throat from…  do I have COVID?’ It’s constantly in the back of your mind.”

-You never truly thought that your job would turn into a very real nightmare…

MSN news puts a smile on our face to report in Orange County,

Nurses celebrate a patient being released after

45 days of having COVID, with a Mariachi band on site.

-Because sometimes in life, you should just dance…

As we honor and look at these stories, we think, how can we better help or just try to maintain that positive mindset that can overall keep us healthier?

Sometimes we just really need a good laugh! Nursebuff.com has some funny

(and totally real) that will give you that joy you needed for your day.

-Because Laughter IS the best medicine.

Or maybe you are one of those nurses…

Maybe you know one of those nurses… 

Today you really just need something to boost your motivation,

Nurse.com has that inspiration you are looking for among a lot of other resources. 

From one Nurse to another.

I have family myself that are on those front lines and everyday don’t know if they are going to bring something home to their family or see their patient the next day. As we go about our day, lets continue to keep in mind that all the precautions we are taking, the no personal contact, washing our hands, staying inside, to long lines, limited food and supplies, these are sacrifices that can’t even compare to what our nurses do day in and day out.

Thank you for all that you do.