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Can having a stroke or heart attack fighting off the Coronavirus?

Can having a stroke or heart attack fighting off the Coronavirus?

FACT: CDC released in 2018 that Stroke is among the Top 5 leading causes of death. Heart Disease as still leading the top.

SPECULATION: Recent studies coming out of the search for a cure for COVID-19 has shown the certain drugs that have been prescribe to help with blood clots, blood pressure and to help control heart failure show patients improving with COVID-19 because the blood clots are dissolving with those that have acute respiratory distress.FACT: COVID-19 is a Respiratory Virus. “What kills patients is not necessarily the virus, it’s organ failure. This disease is a failure of the lungs.” As one doctor at Boston Medical Center explains.

SPECULATION: As Doctors are looking at the different types of enzymes in these medications, these enzymes have been shown to both harm and benefit the body at different times of the COVID-19 infection. Some studies are showing that what happens to the body when trying to process these medications can open cells to allow the virus to enter easier but then later help fight inflammation and lung damage. –WebMD

FACTS: If you have had a history of stroke or heart disease, you have an increased risk of the coronavirus infection resulting in serve symptoms according to the AHA. And yes, drugs that have been administered to help these common causes of death are now being research to help fight and find a vaccine.

FACT AND WARNING: Doctors are now concerned that since there is an overwhelming influence to heed the warnings of staying home, people are ignoring their healthcare and some of the simple symptoms, especially around stroke and heart attack, until it is too severe to ignore. This results in longer hospitalization time. Eventually making the whole situation that much worse. Don’t wait to contact your medical professional.

Regarding COVID-19, we researched most recent data, but everyday there  is something new being discovered in this war for a vaccine.

Please note: Redeem CPR cares about your health and you receiving the right facts because that is what we would want. If you experience any symptoms of any of the topics or websites, we’ve connected you to, please seek medical advice from your healthcare provider.


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